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17 thoughts on “14 Years of Buying Gold and Silver – Here’s What I’ve Learned

  1. I just started collecting. To me “investment” is gambling on something hypothetical and intangible where something like collecting precious metals feels like physical proof of what you have saved. Tbh as a collector of things I just find it more fun. Something you can pick up and look at.

  2. So a set of those Indian head coins goes for 80k how much did this guy pay for them to begin with? Just curious they say 50 dollars on the coin just wondering how it works

  3. I just invest 2000 euros in Gold (90%) and Silver (10%)….I was doing silly things with my money so My sister advise me doint it….I thank her a lot!

  4. If you could afford it…. would a 250g gold bar be a better buy than 250g of coins ? Are some coins worth more than their weight in gold ?

  5. I am semi new to collecting silver. I stared with coin roll searching and that is where I have found most of my silver. I am 43 and really want to learn as much as I can. I am a bit scared to pull the trigger on gold due to the price. Any other investments and advise would be greatly appreciated?

  6. I purchase gold when I can. Do you think it’s always a good time to buy? I see it fluctuate almost daily🤔

  7. I have always viewed gold and silver as a savings not an investment. Every time I make a purchase I think of it as moving my savings from cash to precious metals and never feel bad or think I made a bad choice in doing so

  8. It’s more than just “savings” but it’s not really an “investment.” Precious metals are simply a store of value, functioning as a hedge against inflation. You won’t get rich or go broke like you possibly can through the stock market. If you hold gold and silver for years or even decades, you will lose less value than you would if you kept only cash, which is constantly losing value due to inflation.

  9. I buy 10oz of silver a month and save up to buy as much gold as I can at the end of each year, which never amounts to much. I have a bunch of silver and a tiny amount of gold. I’ll stack until I die 🤠

  10. When it comes to the Stock Market since it’s been managed via the Federal Reserve it hard to relay on proper growth there.
    Real estate is also a hard place to find yourself invested in these days. Buying the dips and storing precious metals again is long term due to no dividend or interest just the hedge against inflation, wealth preservation. I haven’t had to sell or buy as much as I would have liked.

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