FAKE vs REAL gold minted bars, and how to tell them apart: PAMP Suisse is renowned for producing some of the world’s most exquisite and beautiful precious metal products- but how can you be sure you’re not buying a cheap replica? In this video you’ll learn how to spot the difference between a fake and a real gold bar, as well as a couple of tests our staff at MyGold can run to help you on your investing journey. From visual elements to chemical elements, it’s good to know the red flags of a fake bar before you buy. Looking to buy gold in Auckland, New Zealand? At MyGold® Gold Merchants, you can buy and sell gold bullion, gold coins, gold bars and more! Conveniently located in central Auckland, our team of professional Gold Merchants will supply you with 999.9% pure precious metals.

19 thoughts on “5+ Ways to Spot a FAKE vs REAL Gold Bar (PAMP Edition)

  1. To me, fake and real is the same look. The only way to find out is cut half through the bar and use analysis machine to test. Sometime lead inside

  2. I’ve seen some horror videos on the internet of these things having a lump on tungsten in the middle. I guess that would be hard to spot unless you cut the thing open.

  3. Basic density tests combined wit XRF and Eddy Current and ultrasonic conductance tests will differentiate real vs fake. You can use XRF and eddy current tests right through the package. Eddy current is especially good since tungsten alloys are extremely resistive and gold is very conductive. A heavy plating will defeat XRF though.

  4. Bite it. Real gold will dent if it is 999 or 999.9 pure. Fake Gold will not not dent and is uually Gold plated Tungsten. And you don’t have to bite very hard.
    BTW, Olympic Gold medals are 24K Gold clad 99% Sterling Silver.

  5. anyone know if the walmart pamp or gold coins are real? seems like a easy way to scam people using walmart as a fall man lol…

  6. @ 2:50 “clearly they’re not able to make it as thin…” – no, they can but they don’t for WEIGHT, obviously – since they want to make the weight match correctly so one dimension MUST be necessarily larger, obviously.

    Of course they ‘can’ make it any shape or size, they just don’t.

    1. This demo bar wasn’t tungsten-filled, if it was that would be much closer in dimensions. Easy fool one method of testing but gets exponentially harder to beat multiple methods of testing.

  7. You can see is bad quality bar cast but out there American assay coated tungsten really good quality only drilling will show fake bar

  8. Where do I buy the hand held tool he used. I can’t find it on the web site he said it was on. The bigger machines are extremely expensive BUT, so us buying fake gold and stacking it for years. That tool looks to be almost a “Must have” item if you want to buy gold online. I’m still new to all this, so I’m very open to suggestions if there’s a better tool that likes the tool he used in the video but a little cheaper. Thank you for this video btw. Very informative 🤘😎✌️

    1. Thanks. If you are in Asia-Pacific we are happy to sell you the testing device shown. Unfortunately we are unable to export to the USA at this time.

  9. Also on the package the dot after lamp is larger the the dot on the real bar also the D on the signature on back is different

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