#gold #silver #preciousmetals This video is not financial advice, it is my opinion only. Is a KILO of gold any good? I think gold is an amazing asset and everybody should own some of it. I think that owning gold is a very good thing, that does not mean it is right for everybody. In this video I will explain some of my opinions about why I think gold is a superior choice of metals for the uncertain future that lies ahead of us all in these crazy time we live in. Gold is the means by which countries operate and settle debt, silver is the means by which individuals operate and settle debt. They are completely different and Gold is so much less easily manipulated and much more globally stable For another fantastic video about Gold go and check out Yankee Stacking’s recent video and interview with his local coin dealer: To buy some of the 1 oz Silver Forum Bars, please visit: To get exclusive access to our BYB branded silver bars have a look at our memberships here: Join the channel and show your support by becoming a BYB Rambling society member today! If you would like to support our channel please consider purchasing our T-shirts please visit this link: or have a look at our website: Stay safe, stay healthy all. Thanks also to the channel sponsor The Silver Forum! A 4k Camera & close ups of coins! What more can you want!? What do you think? Comment below! Comments welcome below or email me at [email protected] Follow me on Instagram: @ BackyardBullion Thanks for watching and I will see you next time! silver, gold, silver for gold, silver dealer, coin shop, GSR, silver ratio, exchange silver for gold, spot price, silver spot, trade silver, buy silver, unobtainium, hedge, debt, currency, economy, wealth, stacking silver, stacking gold, precious metals, junk silver, bullion, stack silver, stack gold, silver bullion, silver stacking, silver coins, silver eagles, gold coins, gold bullion, gold stacking, invest, investing, investing in silver, how to invest, how to invest in silver silver, gold, bullion, silver bullion, gold bullion, buying gold 2021, stacking, stacking silver 2021, stacking silver, silver stacker, coins, silver coin, silver bar, silver investment, gold investment, investing in silver, investing in gold, silver price 2021, gold price 2021, silver price, gold price, backyard bullion, stacker, prepper, buying silver, buying silver UK, buying silver coins, buying silver bars, european mint, silver mint, mint silver, britannia, eagle, Wallstreetsilver, wall street silver, silver raid, raid, SilverRaid, Squeeze, Silver Squeeze, SilverSqueeze, Wall Street, Wallstreet, WSS, WSB, Wallstreetbets, JP Morgan, JPM, JPMorgan silver investing 2021, buying silver in 2021, silver stacking in 2021, silver investing in 2021, buying silver 2021, 2021 silver stacking, 2021 silver investing, investing in silver, investing in silver 2021, investing in silver bars, investing in silver coins, investing in silver in 2021, silver investing for beginners, silver investment 2021, silver investing, invest in silver, invest in silver 2021, silver stacking 2021, silver stacking, silver spot price 2021, silver silver squeeze, silver squeeze 2.0, silver squeeze 2, silver squeeze reddit, silver squeeze explained, silver squeeze live, silver squeeze 2021, silver squeeze coming, silver squeeze update, silver squeeze today, silver squeeze may 1st, buy silver, buy silver may 2021, buy silver may 1st 2021, buy silver now, silver stacking, invest in silver, silver investing, silver investing 2021, silver stacking 2021, silver bullion, silver news, silver update, silver now, silver

19 thoughts on “This is Why Everybody Should Own a KILO of GOLD!!!!

  1. I am far from a stacker / More of a collector / Vaulted up, who needs to touch It, / Firearms can be a great deterrent, but I find It easier straight Into the “VAULT” why go wasting? “FOOLS” ??

  2. I bought another 50 sovereigns today thats 250 now and 2500 oz of silver Britannias im hooked

  3. Bank of England:
    “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of fifty pounds”

    Why would I buy a kilogram of gold, with premiums and processing and certification complexities for £50,000, when I can have, on demand, 20 kilos of silver, for only £50??????

  4. Today I completed my first kilo of gold .. a journey started almost 15 months ago 🥇

    1. Because my silver is amazing and if you like me it supports me and my channel

  5. BYB. As a customer, I’m interested in your view one year on?

    P.S. I agree with what you said here.

  6. Chinese & Indian Subcontinent with old civilization and being relatively poor by American standards, had been aware of this Kilogram holding for thousands of years, thus cash flow wise poor still on average hold more gold per Capita than Americans with 10kt to 12 kt jewellery holdings Proving once again that merely being Rambunctious & Boisterous doesn’t a wise man make
    Holding Coins leave paper trail thus not as good as Jwellery holdings

  7. Average Middle Class Americans are in “Perils” in that they can neither afford to dream of climbing up the ladder and cross the threshold of the stigma “Middle Class ” while at the same time are under constant threat of slipping down to the “Poverty Level”
    Buying a Kilogram of Gold to hedge or as insurance Premium is slapped by tremendous amount of Paper works introduced by IRS
    With track record of being deceptive (as in 1934) the Middle Class is really caught between Devil and the deep Sea

  8. A kilo of gold is all the money the worlds poorest people earn during their entire lifetime.
    An average African family’s total earnings are 1 krugerrand, 1 ounce, a year.

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