In this video I talk about the worst gold for gold stacking and gold investing. I did do another video on the worst gold to buy, But I do a much more in depth look on the worst gold for investment in this video. Stacking gold or investing in gold can be hard to do if you don’t understand the premiums on physical gold. Investing in gold and silver for beginners is one of my favorite videos to make. I have been investing in gold for several years now especially investing in gold bullion and investing in gold coins. Investing in gold 2021 has been different than years in the past because of the premiums. Not only do I talk about the worst gold to buy, but also the best gold to buy for gold stacking and gold investing. In the video I also talk about a gold mining company and here is their link: CSE: BLLG | OTC: BLAGF Check out SD Bullion for AWESOME Deals on Gold and Silver! Silver Dragon’s Website: Email: [email protected] Also check me out on Instagram:… Thanks for watching!! Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links where ill earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you This video was conducted on behalf of Blue Lagoon Resources, and was funded by Gold Standard Media LLC and/or affiliates. For our full disclaimer, please visit:

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17 thoughts on “WARNING! The WORST Gold Bullion for Investing (Not What You Think!)

  1. In my opinion gold shouldn’t be bought for investment. Rather think of it as an alternate savings program.

    1. It is only there to hold the value of the money that you currently have. A safe bet against inflation. But it does not generate earnings.

    2. @David Himmelfahrt exactly. To get a return on capital on a regular basis, one would have to put their money elsewhere.

  2. Best place to buy gold is SD Bullion. Best prices period. Hero bullion is similar and good choice too. I recommend buying 110 or 1/4 gold sovereigns. I’ve only bought one 1oz gold coin and that’s a gold buffalo because well it’s a gold buffalo. Buying smaller amounts let you sell gold without having to sacrifice a whole 1oz coin.

  3. I thought this video would be about what SHITE goldbacks are. Nothing is worse.

  4. Ummm… BLAGF is trading today (July 2022) at 0.26 cents a share.
    On this video (2021), you have it trading at 0.47 cents a share at the 6:12 minute mark of this video. So, they’re doing worse. What gives? Blue Lagoon Resources didn’t find gold?!

  5. This is simply the effects of quantum, whereby something smaller is expected to command a higher premium. The same can be said for Real Estate when a smaller property in terms of sq. ft. would command a higher rate per sq. ft. compared to a larger property.

  6. Um…but you have smaller ones. 🙁 I was so excited to later afford even a 1/10 of one 🥺

  7. I like fractional gold eagles – but I bought them right and when premiums were zero or very low. Now I’m happy to have them…but I might not buy today at the ridiculous premiums – I might sell though if the buy price is right.

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